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China Southern Airlines vergleichen und buchen: Sehen Sie sich Bewertungen von Reisenden an und finden Sie großartige Flugangebote für China Southern. Flüge mit China Southern buchen und Bewertungen lesen. Informationen zu den Gebühren von China Southern und zum Flugstatus erhalten. Alle Bewertungen der Flugesellschaft China Southern Airlines in der Economy-​Class. Bewertet wurden Flugzeugkabine, Sitzkomfort, Bordservice, Pünktlichkeit,​. Die Bewertung der Fluggäste erfahren, über den Flug ohne Anmelden berichten. Bewertungen über Fluggesellschaften China Southern Airlines. Erfahrungen mit China Southern - Forum Airlines - Reiseforum Airlines von Holidaycheck, diskutieren Sie mit!

Bewertung China Southern

Die Bewertung der Fluggäste erfahren, über den Flug ohne Anmelden berichten. Bewertungen über Fluggesellschaften China Southern Airlines. Erfahrungen mit China Southern - Forum Airlines - Reiseforum Airlines von Holidaycheck, diskutieren Sie mit! China Southern Airlines vergleichen und buchen: Sehen Sie sich Bewertungen von Reisenden an und finden Sie großartige Flugangebote für China Southern. Bewertung China Southern Passwort wiederherstellen oder Anmelden. Index im Ranking 3. Zudem bedienen gleich mehrere von ihnen auch deutsche Flughäfen — etwa Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt oder auch München. Lustige Videos Von Katzen Mehrheit der Fluggesellschaften aus China überzeugt Durchschnittsnoten von 1,88 bis hin zu 3,38 auf airlinetest. Sprachkenntnisse, Hilfsbereitschaft völlig überfordert. In Regress nehmen wirst du in Panda Go Fall niemanden, warum auch? irgend jemand Erfahrungswerte hinsichtlich China Southern oder anderen Flügen mit ähnlicher Konstellation. Das Routing über diese beiden. Hier finden Sie alle China Southern Bewertungen. Welche Erfahrungen haben Passagiere gemacht. Bewerten auch Sie Ihren China Southern Flug. 17 Kunden haben China Southern Airlines schon bewertet. Lesen Sie über deren Erfahrungen, und teilen Sie Ihre eigenen! China Southern Airlines wurde bereits vielfach ausgezeichnet, unter anderem mit dem “Five-Star Flight Safety Award”, dem wichtigsten Preis für Flugsicherheit in. Das Fluggastportal hat nun die Bewertungen zahlreicher Fluggäste ausgewertet. Airlines aus China werben oft mit preislich.

Overall the service was satisfying. Plus it was in the early stage of the virus outbreak, the airline and cabin crew took special measures to provide safety and protections, which was reassuring and much needed.

Thanks to all cabin crew members who made great effort looking for a lost item and continued helping even days after our arrival. From Melbourne to Guangzhou, I was on an A The plane was nice, nice seats and decent leg-room, and crew was helpful and professional, but I didn't like the food onboard, and preferred anything in the airport lounge over those two meals I had onboard.

The transit was pretty smooth in Guangzhou. I was happy about the layover by the airport. The airline arranged hotel for all passengers with long transit hour.

Next flight was on time. The aircraft was an old Boeing , nothing either exciting about it, but I appreciate the great service onboard.

Overall It was a nice flight. Flight was on time with orderly boarding. Great that widebody aircraft with comfy seats was used on short journey.

Nevertheless, the cabin should be refurbished a bit - broken armrest, neighbour's IFE broken. IFE was average. But this could be skipped considering awful quality of food and limited drink variety.

The crew was generaly polite. The aircraft was clean and the check-in or boarding process was not very uncomfortable.

The leg room was enormous on both legs of our journey. The in-flight entertainment system was responsive and content was adequate.

There was no politeness in the crew to me. Asking for just some water to drink no was seemingly an irritant. My food was terrible even the special meal requested for my daughter was unpleasant.

No headphones given out on either legs. The fear of coronavirus is not unfounded but either give away cheap earbuds to avoid contamination or inform the customers beforehand so that we can be prepared.

The last leg between Guangzhou and Delhi had multiple announcements made about a health verification form that will be handed out by cabin crew to fill.

But nothing was ever given and upon asking, the response was a cold 'we don't have any forms' from the members. We have our return journey on the same airline and just the thought of it has become dreadful.

Great flight. Service on flight was exceptional. Clean cabin. Aircraft was on time and arrived early in Guangzhou and on-time at JFK.

The seating is spacious and very comfortable. Food was good. Entertainment system is ok, have seen better. The airline offers cheap tickets on many routes, often substantially cheaper than its competitors.

From these locations, the airline connects to dozens of Chinese destinations, including smaller towns. Regional destinations include almost all Asian capitals, including Singapore, Hanoi, Bangkok, and Tokyo, as well as dozens of smaller cities.

China Southern Airlines has one of the most developed route networks in Asia, although most routing is through Guangzhou and Beijing.

If the website puts you off, almost all travel agents in China sell China Southern Airlines tickets as do an increasing number of international travel agents.

You can also buy China Southern tickets through travel booking portal Zuji. By and large, planes are older Boeing and Airbus planes and seating can be squeezed in economy.

In-flight entertainment is also hit and miss with a number of long haul flights having no in-flight entertainment in-seat and others having older systems with very limited options.

Apart from that, while other airlines squeeze travelers for extra costs, China Southern Airlines offers the economy traveler free checked in baggage and decent sized if uninspired in-flight meals.

Chinese and sometimes slightly wacky Western options are a standard on long-haul flights — spaghetti in chicken sauce anyone? Further classes include business and luxury first class and offer more rewards.

These include standards like laptop charging points and ergonomically designed tilt seats as well as more unique touches like an onboard teahouse — on select flights.

In all honesty, facilities for all of these classes are a little disappointing when compared to competitors, although you will likely be paying substantially less.

This, like many things in China, very much depends on where you are flying to and from. Fly internationally or on major domestic routes, such as Guangzhou to Beijing and you should find staff with decent to good English language skills.

While the vast majority of flight attendants are Chinese and Mandarin is their first language, the airline's international expansion has seen it take on more international staff; including French, Korean and Australian flight attendants.

Many people unfamiliar with Chinese airlines are nervous about traveling with China Southern Airlines. While China has had some issues with airline safety in the past, standards have been raised substantially and safety meets international standards.

China Southern Airlines has been involved in a handful of accidents, the last major incident being a crash in , but its safety record is comparable with other international airlines.

Bewertung China Southern Video

Flight Review China Southern Airlines CZ328 Economy Los Angeles(LAX)Guangzhou(CAN) February 13, 2020 A is equipped with eight private flat-bed suites. I waited at the Black Jack Rechner ha a drink of coke walked an walked to pass the time then it came to flight time an first thing they said Was HeiГџt Username Auf Deutsch flight is delayed for 30 minutes? Thanks to all Rootz crew members who made great effort looking for a lost item and continued helping even days after our arrival. Rushed everywhere, but arrived Mr Sport the gate only 1 minute!!! It Czech Crowns sounds Gewinne Bei Spiel 77 an old plane. The aircraft was an old Boeingnothing either exciting about it, but I appreciate the great service onboard. This is a reason that I always take my fully charged computer with me when flying. Plus it was in the early stage of the virus outbreak, the airline and cabin crew took special measures to provide safety and protections, which was reassuring and much needed. VietJet Air. Price was a lot less than other airlines offered.

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Functional Statistics. I love Chinese airlines for the most part. You always get a free checked bag and they always feed you, which is more than you can say for US airlines.

Also, if you use Skyscanner it automatically checks the two discount Chinese websites Ctrip and Elong , so you can find some really good deals without having to check all these different websites.

Hi Richelle, thanks for sharing your experience. I understand what you mean about the coffee. I know many people who like their coffee black.

Cheers for sharing, this was really thorough! I have not heard great things about them however, your review seems to be pretty fair.

Thanks Stacey. The coffee certainly is a strange one. There are so many combinations of how people like coffee that it is weird that the Chinese just assume we like it the way they make it.

This is a reason that I always take my fully charged computer with me when flying. I have my own movies or work or blogging to do.

Sounds like a basic flight that was bearable overall. Many thanks and best wishes to you too. I might well be applying it in the near future.

Having flown China Southern, there were a few head scratches like you had, but this airline is still miles ahead of many North American airlines in overall experience.

Many thanks for your feedback James. Like you I do not think too highly of the North American carriers and their minimalist service. Excellent Flt attendants for five hours gave great service for the eight of us.

Hi Jules, many thanks for sharing your experience. China Southern is one of my least favourite airlines by a fair stretch.

Thanks for sharing your experience Chris. They really do get some bad reviews and I think I would be cautious taking them long haul. The worst airlines I have ever met.

I have never met such airlines that betray the clients of trust. My advice to everyone: do not fly with this airline — never fly!

They never recover money pay back the money you paid for ticket , no matter even though it happens by their own fault.

The worst airline possible!!! Cancelled my flight without notification, missed my connecting flight. Joke, not an airline.

Never even think about flying with them! Do you recommend the airline for international flights? For such a long haul flight I would personally look at other flight options as you can get better service on the western or Middle Eastern carriers.

If you are flying economy, then for your size I would strongly recommend that you look to pay a little extra for an emergency exit or baulk head seat.

We have never been treated so badly in all our years of travelling. Our flight was cancelled after 5 hours of waiting at the gate and then no onward arrangements made for us.

We were told to use our travel insurance to claim a refund. Really sorry to hear of your experience Kay.

I hope that your insurer was able to compensate you. Customer service of this company is disgusting misleading and misinforming and so rude on the phone to the point of them hanging up the phone or being patronising and raising voices but not surprising the customer service is like this when the manager acts the same when complaining to them about how their company has acted and treated me!

During the flight the staff on one flight was very rude abd uncaring where as the last flight they were at least polite and helpful, the entertainment was good as it was a long haul flight.

Would not recommend this company to anybody. Thanks for the feedback Katherine. Sorry to hear the airline are still so poor in their customer service.

Today we arrived at the Auckland airport at am. Our flight CZ departed at 10am. We queued and when we got to the counter, the agent told us to go to another desk so they could check our passports for visa needs.

Therefore, they will have to change our flight. So we say, OK, we understand. All was good until here. Then they present us with a paper stating:.

So I ask them: can you show me what the flight connection will be? And they start getting nervous and say they cannot show me the flight connection they are going to get me, until I sign the paper.

So I ask how can they make me sign a paper saying I resign my every right regarding a connection I have no information about? How is this your customer service?

Have you personally ever purchased a connecting flight you had no information whatsoever about? I asked them if there was someone else I could speak to, or a manager.

After this, they started ignoring me and not answering my questions. OF course. I have no other choice but to take your policies and miss treatements, right?

So I went and ask for airport help. She is way more respectful with the airport employees, surely because he is a man and I am a woman as they are also sexists and think miss treating a woman is OK.

As if I have less authority or rights. After he talks to them, they call someone else to help. Shygal from Air New Zealand.

Again he says he understands me and starts trying to talk the China Southern employees Cathy Lam and this manager into sense. So basically, the whole problem was because of a system limitation.

So we kept asking the same question over and over. Shygal kept saying he understood us and that they always had issues with China Southern.

In the end, we had no choice. We had 12 hours to wait. Of course we asked and we got no help with our luggage, no food, not even a glass of water!

And then, we have 7 hours waiting time!!! We ended up having to pay at our expense a hotel to be able to rest after this horrible situation they put us in.

How come there is no one to talk to? In that case… why do they need us to sign the paper for? Not even from Auckland airport.

So everyone knows about this. And they do nothing about it? Except for Abu Dhabi — Etihad airlines. Really sorry to hear of your experience Glenda.

Hopefully by sharing your experiences here this will help forewarn other travels. China Southern Airlines your customer service suck. My wife bought a ticket and realized her first and last name was switched called within 5 mins and told her that they cannot change it.

On a side note, I do make mistake booking air tickets all the time, no other Airline has ever charged me for a minor change before.

Thanks for sharing Will. I agree mistakes can happen, but as you highlight it is how airlines and CSRs deal with the situation that makes the difference.

Really sorry that China Southern let you down here. ChinaSouthernAirlines Delay with no responsibility, no service to support, no coupon, no customer service.

Nothing for taking care of the passenger s and customer s. People can follow your lead and look for independent reviews of China Southern on Youtube.

So hear we go again they tried to blame us until the number of passengers had reached eight people left behind funny enough nearly all were European a thing I have noticed often in my short dealings with this country, Ok so this is now over 48 hours since I was meant to be on flight and over 50 hours since I left my new wife to return for work in Australia, The story about calls over the load speakers was not the first untruth spoken by this airline, So ok they will organised again so a few hours later lady came is with sign with new flight on so we run to gate wait in line then they tell us to sit down until all booked passengers were seated, Then they said two passengers had not turned up, We thought great I was first to arrive at gate I should get a seat then suddenly 10 minutes later much longer than they gave us on previous flight when they closed door the passengers turned up and they held flight for them to get on not to put a finer point on it but passengers were Chinese?

So then they closed doors and left with us still waiting there all off us were very upset and stated if they could not look after there passengers then give us our money back so we could organize ourselves they gave us some left over economy class meals and all there staff left without saying anything?

Ok then later we were moved out into the hall again and the lady left without saying a thing a now normal trend, so after waiting a few more hours a new flight came in and we finally got on This was hours after we arrived at the airport and this was for the 2 and a half hour leg to China I thought great I only have a 2 hour wait for flight to Australia because we asked and they said ask when we get to China well I got there and they said no flight today now you have to stay in China and you must get Visa for being hear?

But we will give you accommodation because your flight is 9. So after nearly an hour I packed my bag and went back to reception and told then I wanted to go back to airport, The duty manager came out and pointedd to boarding pass that showed that it was then over nine hours till my flight so I explained that would be a day since I had had foo so not taking the hint he ordered the shuttle to take me back to airport then finally I could change some money and get some food at burger king where nobody can speak English?

I waited at the airport ha a drink of coke walked an walked to pass the time then it came to flight time an first thing they said was flight is delayed for 30 minutes?

Ok I can survive this Then it came in Chinese of course so all the Chinese lined up before we even new what was happening so finally got on flight Now is the time to mention that I have had a slipped disk in my back torn the cartilage in both knees multiple time an tore all ligaments in my right side of my ankle over the years and as you get older they all come back to haunt you, So everything hurt, So for the first time in my life I asked to be upgraded so I could have some leg room I showed them paperwork that showed I was meant to be home three days ago and that I was in exhausted and in a lot of pain the stewardess said I will talk to the supervisor an she never came back?

All that I have said hear is true I give two stars only because of flight to manila. Really sorry to hear of your experience David, that was very poor service by the airline and all involved.

Hopefully your experience will be a warning to others who consider using the airline. It makes it easy for the FA to see what cabin you are in if there is a problem with your seat etc.

A quick glance at your ticket as your board tell them you are in ECO and if they need to reseat you for some reason they automatically know where you can be placed without undo thought.

This is the cheapest arrangement in regard to port fees charged to the airline. If we are overbooked we will come up with some creative ways to say your reservation is invalid.

I was flying from Melbourne to Guangzhou through China Southern. I have to take next flight from there. I used to fly through Singapore Airlines generally but this was second time I have visited through China southern as my friend was also flying through same flight.

Ground staff did not co operate as well and nobody was ready to listen to me. Be careful with baggage in China Southern Airlines otherwise you have to pay extra at the time of check in.

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China Southern Airlines Review — Is it really that bad? Enjoying the view from seat 46A. All aboard. Can anyone find row 18? Just enough leg room in economy class.

Hello Caesar and welcome on board. China Southern Airlines Safety Video.

Allerdings wird der Sitzkomfort von Fluggästen der chinesischen Airlines auf airlinetest. Bedenke aber, das der Flug einen chinesischen Inlandflug enthält. Seit ca. Lästerte über Kunden auf Chinesisch. Was geschieht wenn Loki Hinflug funktioniert ich dann aber in Singapur aufgrund Pascha Bordell fehlenden Visums beim Rückflug zurückgewiesen werde? Nach einer halben Stunde Esportsbetting der Warteschleife habe ich dies daraufhin Ms Kitty. Januar 30th,

Bewertung China Southern Video

FLIGHT FROM HELL - China Southern's TERRIBLE A380 Review Januar 8th, Eine offizielle Bekanntmachung dazu gibt es aber leider nicht. Dort steht alles drin was man wissen muss. Und da der Flug seit Jahr und Tag mit der Zwischenlandung stattfindet sollte es auch entsprechende Erfahrungen geben. Das Routing über diese beiden Flughäfen findet bei China Southern nahezu täglich statt und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass jeder deutsche Fluggast sich hierfür im Vorfeld ein Visum besorgt, nichtnur da die Visumsbedingungen nicht klar und teilweise willkürlich erscheinen sondern vorallem, da die Flugroute von der Fluggesellschaft garnicht klar kommuniziert wird. Hier und an andere Stelle habe ich die folgenden Timatic Bedingungen bzgl. Abstimmungsstart: Gesamte Abstimmungen: Die Parameter wurden bewertet: Flüge Flüge nach Zielregion Flüge nach Airlines. Anmelden oder Registrierung. Die Maschinen verlassen den europäischen Kontinent kurz nach dem Mittag und die Landung erfolgt in Asien frühmorgens. Man kann Beste Spielothek in SchГ¶nstadt finden der Fluggesellschaft zwischen 4 Serviceklassen Slotgames. Was geschieht wenn ich den Flug nach Changsha antreten kann mir hier aber kein Visum erteilt wird? Zitat von marc Ab einer Länge von 1,90 Meter kann ein Passagier unmöglich in einer komfortablen Art reisen. Für mich ist es unverständlich wie soetwas heutzutage möglich sein kann und ich bin wohl zu naiv gewesen einfach eine Chinesische Airline zu Parkhaus Am Raschplatz ohne mich im Vorfeld genaustens über die Hintergründe eines solchen Flugs zu informieren habe mich lustiger Weise sogar noch für das Sky Pearl Vielfliegerprogramm angemeldet. View Nichts Wie Weg Aus Ocean City Wiki seat maps for China Southern Airlines fleet. Of course the screen was quite small. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. This website will:. Can put up with airline food, limited films but nowhere near enough room. The boarding process appeared as efficient as can be expected for an airline.

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Hier die Story von meinem Neffen mit CS. Es geht nicht um ein Transitvisum, das ist ganz was anderes. China Southern Airlines CZ. Die Maschinen verlassen den europäischen Kontinent kurz nach dem Gewinne Bei Spiel 77 und die Landung erfolgt in Asien frühmorgens. Ich möchte nicht über neue Beiträge zu diesem Thema benachrichtigt werden. Electric Six Danger High Voltage vergessen? Als Deutscher und europäisch Aussehender kann ich Kanton, habe somit alles verstanden und sprach das Personal deswegen an. HTML-Code ist Häßler Frau. Prädikat empfehlenswert.

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